NEL was formed to hold shares in stable and profitable industries in Trinidad & Tobago and pay attractive dividends. NEL is mandated is to pay 90% of its profit to shareholders.

National Flour Mills (NFM)


NFM stands at the forefront of Trinidad and Tobago’s flour and feed milling industry, with an annual production of 72,000 MT of flour and 60,000 MT of animal feed. NFM’s major customers include bakers, food manufacturers, retailers, and farmers throughout local and regional markets.

NGC NGL Company Limited (NGC NGL)


NGC NGL is a holding company with a 51% stake in Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL). Located on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, PPGPL is one of the largest gas processing facilities in the Americas. PPGPL provides natural gas by processing raw, natural gas delivered to our facility from our customers' existing natural gas pipeline system. The propane and butane are marketed in the Caribbean and Central America and the natural gas is marketed internationally.

NGC Trinidad and Tobago LNG Limited


NGC LNG is a holding company that owns 10% of Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited's Train 1. Atlantic was formed in July 1995 to develop a liquefied natural gas plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad & Tobago. The venture links together NGC Trinidad and Tobago LNG Limited, Amoco Trinidad (LNG) BV, British Gas Trinidad LNG Limited, Repsol International Finance BV and Cabot Trinidad LNG Limited, bringing extensive international experience in the natural gas industry. Amoco’s shareholding is now held by BP Trinidad (LNG) BV and Cabot’s by Suez (Trinidad and Tobago) LNG Limited.

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago Limited (TSTT)


TSTT is the largest telephone and Internet service provider in Trinidad and Tobago. The company, which is jointly owned by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and Cable & Wireless, was formed out of a merger of Trinidad and Tobago Telephone Company Limited (TELCO) and Trinidad and Tobago External Telecommunications Company Limited (TEXTEL).

Trinidad Nitrogen Company Limited (TRINGEN)


Tringen is a manufacturer of anhydrous ammonia in two independent production plants known as Tringen I and Tringen II. Incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, with registered offices in Savonetta, Tringen is owned by National Enterprises Limited (51%) and Yara Caribbean Limited (49%). The success of Tringen paved the way for the development of Point Lisas Industrial Estate.